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The Politics of Nature on

I have seen a lot of political posts regarding what’s best for society, be it capitalism, socialism, or some combination thereof. For some, it is about salvation and God’s mercy, while others place their faith in new technologies. All of these human models have been tried before, in multiple means and ways, and yet we are left wondering if we have reached a precipice, an ending...


The Art of Balance on

In martial arts balance is the foundation of power as it allows you to move with minimal effort, freely and in control. It is not so different off the mat – living in balance is akin to emotional freedom.


The Adventures of Doria Quinn on PerihelionSF

I HAD LITTLE CHOICE ABOUT getting jacked. I got my first cybernetic device plugged into my cerebellum so I could get a job as a mining scout. I wanted to return to the family business as a space jockey instead of a roid rat like my poppa. The...


Love on

Love flows easily to a spouse or child, to family and dear friends, but there is also a love that has no bounds. 


In Living Color on

Color will catch most everyone's eye from time to time.  It can't be helped as our eyes are designed to perceive the spectral wonders of the natural world.


Energy medicine in a nutshell on

From a scientific viewpoint, using 'energy' as medicine is highly controversial. Yet 'energy medicine' is actively pursued by millions of people around the world for a great variety of conditions. What is this ‘energy’ that is purported to generate good health?


Meditation practice is within your reach on

There are great advantages to meditation.  The attentiveness that you cultivate enriches your work, hobbies and relationships; the expansiveness that arises opens doors and solutions.


The art of being mindful on

Walking along the beach conjures in me an intangible and immeasurable sense of peace and contentment.  I feel the wind, take in the rich smells of the ocean, and hear the sound of the surf. 


How to tell if your doctor is holistic? on

Holistic health principles can be applied to all medical care. Any health practice that goes beyond curing a specific condition or illness, one that includes promoting overall happiness and well-being, is fundamentally holistic... 


A word about meditation on

You may have heard that meditation is the quintessential mind/body practice that’s supposed to get you to peace, contentment and joy...


Water falling on White Mountains on

Water falls by way of gravity, making its way back to the ocean and leaving behind scenes of beauty like this clear mountain river in Jackson, NH...






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