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The Politics of Nature on

I have seen a lot of political posts regarding what’s best for society, be it capitalism, socialism, or some combination thereof. For some, it is about salvation and God’s mercy, while others place their faith in new technologies. All of these human models have been tried before, in multiple means and ways, and yet we are left wondering if we have reached a precipice, an ending...


The Adventures of Doria Quinn on PerihelionSF

I HAD LITTLE CHOICE ABOUT getting jacked. I got my first cybernetic device plugged into my cerebellum so I could get a job as a mining scout. I wanted to return to the family business as a space jockey instead of a roid rat like my poppa. The...


In Living Color on

Color will catch most everyone's eye from time to time.  It can't be helped as our eyes are designed to perceive the spectral wonders of the natural world.


Water falling on White Mountains on

Water falls by way of gravity, making its way back to the ocean and leaving behind scenes of beauty like this clear mountain river in Jackson, NH...






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Strangers in the Gale is a 2012 semi-finalist in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. Download the contest sample on Kindle.

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