Children of the Three Suns
About the Author


Joe lives with his wife and son in a small, rural town in central Massachusetts. As an avid nature lover and holistic health enthusiast, Joe partakes of many outdoor sports, actively utilizes many mind-body practice and Aikido.  His travels around the world have enhanced his academic training in geography and culture.  Aside from writing and teaching, you may also find Joe behind a brush, a potter's wheel, the bench in his woodshop, or occupied in some other interesting manual endeavor.

His first book, “Strangers in the Gale,” was self-published and was a 2013 semi-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest.  His most recent novel, Ashfallen, is offered by Double Dragon Publishing. He has written for The Forge, Bluestem Magazine, GryphonwoodThe HelixPerihelion Science Fiction, and the anthology Twisted Tails VII: Irreverent.