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Strangers in the Gale is a 2012 semi-finalist in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. Download the contest sample on Kindle.





Desperate to find allies, Krynna travels to a harsh, far-off moon and discovers a truth that could liberate an entire solar system.  She only has to survive a hegemonic power bent on destroying her and her people and a cataclysm of fire in an unknown land.







For the first time in her life, Krynna gazed upon the bumpy slivers of green just beyond the ocean’s edge. The elders called it the dry place. The girl’s village rarely drifted so close to the land, where in the time of her grandmothers a great malice had befallen her people. The terrors that the Daalv endured, the elders discussed only among themselves. Yet she knew needful things were found on the land, so it was a place the gatherers could not ignore for long.

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