Joe Occhipinti
Writer, Teacher, Explorer
Published Short Stories


The Adventures of Doria Quinn on PerihelionSF

I HAD LITTLE CHOICE ABOUT getting jacked. I got my first cybernetic device plugged into my cerebellum so I could get a job as a mining scout. I wanted to return to the family business as a space jockey instead of a roid rat like my poppa. The...


A Knob of Toromiro in Forge

Not even the constant ocean breeze could sweep clean the toppled stone cylinder where Te-Tau stood...


A Nest of Milk in Bluestem Magazine

I watched the rabbit on the moon through my bedroom window, and I wondered how people of the tropics imagine the world differently...


If Time Permits in Twisted Tails: Irreverence

“Blasted devil of a thing,” the senior scientist muttered after hearing his name resonate deep in his skull for the fifth time...


A Waver in the Image in PerihelionSF

Fine grained and silver, the end of the world felt no different to his fingertips than the frothy ice that sometimes formed on the river’s edge...


Other Publications

Miriam's Passage in The Helix

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